Soft Skills Training that Evaluates and Transforms.

soft skills learning

Who Is This Training For?

For Education Institutions that want to fulfil their responsibility to equip students with 21st century soft skills and accelerate their students’ academic performance.


Evaluate your students’ initial knowledge of soft skills and receive detailed group and individual reports.


Let your students go through an 8-hour long highly visual online training which is split into 16 modules.


Provide students with templates and tool kits to implement into their studies for continual growth.

Ewell Castle School

‘I would strongly recommend other schools participate in the soft skills training. Schools have a responsibility to prepare students for the world of work and must help them to develop the skills necessary for success in the workplace. Schools have a commitment to recognise soft skills as a core element of their preparation for the world of work.’

De La Salle Santiago Zobel School

‘All the skills you have and are offering are practical skills that they (our students) would actually need, not just in high school, but in college and for the years to come. It is going to be really beneficial for them.’


An accredited soft skills programme

100% recommendation rate

Available 100% online

No entry requirements

Completed in 8 hours

Annual-fee-based license



Acccredited certificate for CV

Accelerated academic performance

Top 16 soft skill employers seek

Links between studies and the real world

Fulfilled responsibility

Improved confidence

About ABMA Skills

ABMA Skills is part of ABMA Education, a regulated awarding organisation based in Ascot, United Kingdom. We want to provide accessible, personally rewarding learning and training content in a way that brings confidence and ability to people, no matter whether they are in school, college, higher education or the workplace.


Active Regions


Sectors Engaged


Industry Experience

‘ABMA Skills’ programme is a powerful tool for delivering effective soft skills training’

Dr. Norah Akong’o Obudho, East Africa Program Director, WomenLift Health.

‘I recommend this training for anyone thinking of developing their career’

Jane Egerton-Idehen, Facebook’s Director of Sales for Africa and the Middle East.

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